Branded Video content in Phoenix

Video is a more sophisticated marketing tool than ever before, especially branded video content. The figures are mind-boggling. A staggering 86% of businesses utilize video content, and 93% of video marketers think it’s a crucial element of their strategy. It’s no surprise, with nearly three billion YouTube users!


If video isn’t an element of your entire marketing plan, now is the time to consider including it since video marketing isn’t a passing phase that bloggers and influencers encourage for no reason. Already, 86% of organizations employ video in their marketing initiatives, and those who did increased revenue 49% faster than those that did not.

One way of creating awareness about your business and brand is using branding videos. But what exactly is a branding video? And what types of branding video content work best?

Branded Video Content

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    What are Branded Videos?

    Brand video content is a brief video that assists companies and businesses in communicating their brand values, making them a marketing method in which businesses create material that is directly related to their brands. While most marketing videos try to promote and advertise brands, goods, or services, branded viral videos focus on the company’s essential principles and offer it a distinct market position.

    Strong branded video campaigns may take many various shapes, and there is a lot of potential for creativity in producing content that appeals to your target audience. Remember, branding video ideas must be built on a solid strategic basis anchored on deep insights from consumer research. Which audience do you wish to reach out to? What do you want to achieve? What emotions or pain points are you aiming for? While focusing on your marketing objectives, a good brand video should be creative, sincere, and human.

    A branding video offers a great way to introduce your brand, talk about your brand’s unique story, depict your business’s personality, and show your audience some enticing company information.

    Branding Video Examples

    Red Bull 

    One of the most successful instances of sponsored content is Red Bull. Most of its marketing efforts are centered on telling tales promoting its brand values, such as athletics and taking risks.

    The most notable example of Red Bull’s sponsored content is Felix Baumgartner’s 38,969-meter-high jump from the stratosphere. Again, the brand assembled technical means to pull off the feat and succeeded in keeping half the world talking about it for days.

    The advertising results double the investment. The event was also incredibly memorable and had a long-term beneficial influence on the business.


    The world’s most recognizable brand no longer needs to advertise that it makes soda. Instead, they are increasingly emphasizing a generally held value: happiness.

    The option to personalize Coke cans with names is one of the greatest instances of how Coca-Cola leverages branded material.


    Types of Branded Video Content

    Product Explainer

    A product explainer branded video does much more than describe what your product does. Instead, it addresses a client problem and offers a solution in the shape of your product.

    70% of YouTube visitors use videos to “assist them with an issue.” For example, how to prepare poached eggs?” There is no doubt that instructional branded video material is in high demand.

    Company Culture

    Company culture branding videos give you an inside peek at your brand. The most important advantage of this video style is that it may humanize your brand.


    A testimonial branded video content includes a real evaluation from a real customer or client. This sort of video generates social proof for your company. In other words, a potential consumer may observe someone else’s success with your product or service, encouraging them to use it themselves.

    Don’t underestimate the impact of reviews and testimonials. Brands that include testimonials earn 62% more money for each site visitor.

    Product Demo

    Product demos provide a more detailed look at your product or service. They are different from explainer videos in that they are more in-depth and technical rather than providing a more vibrant tale about your company.

    They are still quite successful since they assist buyers farther down the funnel make a final buying decision. 

    Case Study

    Case studies go further than testimonials, addressing particular use cases and telling the tale of how your product or service impacted real-life customers, emphasizing the “story” part. It’s another form of validation that your product works, this time in the context of an issue that other people may be experiencing in the real world.

    Seeing someone similar to them get success with a specific solution may indeed close the deal on a purchase. 

    Brand Film

    Brand films refer to any video that highlights the essence of your brand. It may, for example, show your brand’s history or your foundation narrative. It might represent your company’s basic principles or the causes you are passionate about. Essentially, it is about the aspects of your brand that make it true and human.

    The final truth is that this promotional video can only benefit you. People are interested in seeing videos like these. 54% of customers stated they want to see more videos from companies, making it the most sought-after material, surpassing newsletters and social photos.


    Why are Branded Videos Important?

    This part will look at the top five reasons why companies employ video. Hopefully, these reasons will motivate you to employ video in novel and creative ways in 2022 and beyond. Let’s get started.

    Branded videos raise brand awareness.

    To increase brand awareness, brands use video primarily to reach new audiences and attract them to their social media pages and websites.

    Branding videos generate new sales.

    Consider creating amusing or educational films just for the goal of increasing brand visibility. Finally, because brand recognition may encourage trust and enhance brand equity, it is crucial to your company’s sales plan.

    Brand videos boost your social media following.

    Many global consumers use social media to watch videos about goods and businesses. Therefore, many marketers utilize videos to drive traffic to a company’s social media accounts.

    Brand videos are great for customer education.

    Video may be a very powerful educational tool. HubSpot Academy, for example, frequently uses YouTube to teach its users. 

    Brand videos are used to establish brand authority.

    The fifth reason companies utilize video, like the first, is to establish brand authority on a subject and display knowledge.

    Ideally, this implies that your brand will appear when consumers search for information on a particular issue. Viewers who believe they have gotten unique information from your films will trust your company more and investigate additional options.



    Videos have been shown to increase brand awareness. It’s a tactic you can’t afford to overlook as consumers demand more video, and firms move their marketing budgets toward a more visual approach. Branded video content may take numerous shapes, but they all grab clients’ attention by taking them on a trip through your product and your organization.

    Finding the proper professional agency to assist you in producing a high-quality brand film may significantly impact you. Selecting the finest creative branding agency or brand video expert who provides effective creative business branding and professional video marketing production services is critical to the success of your brand. If you are looking for a sophisticated agency to make branding videos for your business, you can leave it to us. The graphics department of the Wise Advertisement agency is highly capable of creating branded video content with visual effects for your websites, youtube channels, and social media. To contact us and get a free consultation session, you can go to our motion graphics page and complete the online form.