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A business card is a compact, printed paper card, generally the size of a credit card, that contains information about your company, such as its name, contact information, and brand logo. Your business card design is an essential component of your branding and should serve as a visual reflection of your brand design.


These professional multi-usage tools meet many of the essential demands of businesses, including advertising, brand awareness, calls to action, and, of course, contact information. When created properly, these pocket-sized billboards may leave a lasting impact on passing strangers and establish life-long customers.

Business Card Design

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    Paper for Simple Business Card Design

    The type of paper used for business cards is called business card paper. The paper on which you place your business card may reflect the card’s quality and your style and mindset toward your business. It can assist you in deciding how to promote yourself professionally. At the very least, it should appear professional and be robust enough for your contacts to take around after meeting you. Here are some essential components of business card paper:


    The weight of a business card paper relates to the thickness of the paper. Heavier paper is more durable and might have a more luxurious feel.


    The thickness might also have an impact on its longevity. A card that feels like cardboard, on the other hand, might be cumbersome and difficult to transport.


    Papers are available in different colors, and this may be an apparent approach to stand out from other business cards. Of course, professional business cards should be white and cream, but a more forward-thinking professional could experiment with vibrant, eye-catching color tones.

    Printing capabilities

    Be sure the paper you choose for your business card can withstand the printing you want, as this is where you will be printing your contact information. It is best to emboss thinner papers if the ink works better with porous paper.


    The finish of the paper refers to the look of the paper after it has been printed and treated by the manufacturer. You may choose between glossy and matte finishes.


    Types of Business Card Designs


    It is a good type to use if you’re struggling with ideas. Classic business cards have standard formats and can show all the necessary information you want. 


    Some designers like experimenting with different business card formats. Some like a large folded size that converts the card into a little brochure, while others prefer a smaller shape. In any case, it may be an excellent approach to get your card recognized when you hand it out, but you also need to think of how people will keep your card. 

    Social networker 

    The social networker’s business card reflects communication preferences. Some may ignore standard contact methods such as address or phone number. An internet enthusiast will instead include URLs to Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, or IM information on the card.


    These cards are shaped into gadgets or folded into one. They are not the most straightforward cards to produce, but a card that can be converted into something creates a big impression when you give it out. You may strive to be unique, and you will be noticed.


    The skill of arranging letters and text so that the content is readable, clear, and eye-catching to the reader is known as typography. Most business cards have typography. But, some cards employ typography to appear stylish. For many customers, receiving a typographic business card can be a lot of fun.


    Necessary Information to Add in Modern Business Card Design

    It is up to you what your business card states. For example, freelancers may not require a postal address, whereas occupations that require face-to-face consultations do. It could be a purposeful decision, such as highlighting your great social media following. The argument is that various people benefit from diverse business card languages.

    The next step is to determine what you want to put on your business card. The following is a list of some typical options from which you may choose which to include and which to avoid.

    • Name. Business cards must have names written on them.
    • Company name
    • Job title. Include your position title. This also serves as a reminder to the holder of who you are, the things you do, and how you encountered them.
    • Phone number. Write them even if it is different from your favorite mode of communication.
    • Email. Email is the new standard for non-urgent business interactions, thanks in part to the ability to transmit documents as attachments.
    • Website URL. Incorporating your website’s URL is a non-aggressive request to visit.
    • Social media. Include social network connections if they are related to your industry or if you want to show your personality.
    • Address. Customers must be drawn into your office or business location.
    • QR code. While not as ubiquitous as once, a QR code is still a viable way to communicate any data you want. All of the benefits of utilizing a QR code may be found here.
    • Slogan. A slogan is optional but improves the brand identity and provides a little character.


    Remember that business cards aren’t simply for distributing information but also for keeping it. People may already know your phone number, location, or website URL, but have your business card available in case they forget.

    The improper info on your business card can severely influence how people perceive you and your company. A minor spelling mistake or the wrong location might lead to poor brand perception. Try your best to avoid these mistakes:

    • Mistakes in spelling
    • Out-of-date information
    • Images of poor quality
    • Choosing the incorrect business card design size
    • Social media profiles that are unprofessional
    • A home address
    • Excluding a website


    Business Card Design Ideas to Stand Out

    These steps are all you need to produce a creative business card design, but if you want to take it a step further, consider the following more advanced tips:

    • Make an impact with a brilliant idea. If your industry enables some humor, you can use more experimental tactics to distinguish yourself. This may be something simple or something more elaborate. As an example:
      • Using scented inks
      • Duplexing and triplexing the card’s width to make it thicker.
      • Folded cards
      • Using different materials, such as plastic, rubber, etc.
      • Transparent cards
    • Avoid borders. Borders may appear to be a wise aesthetic option for framing the content of your card, but the frequency of cutting mistakes means borders do more damage than good. Cutting each card correctly in a mass order is a pipe dream, which is why it’s preferable to design with bleed and safety regions. Borders magnify minor cutting errors, bringing the entire design down.
    • Save money on colors. If you’re on a tight budget, save money on supplies or quantity. You may save a significant amount of money by utilizing simply one or two colors. The more colors you add, the higher the price and a professional business card designer will be capable of making one or two colors appear just as lovely as three.


    Business Card Design Agency Near Me in Phoenix, Arizona

    Your business card reflects you and your brand, not just your contact information. Some individuals are given business cards every day, so you need yours to stand out and present you in a positive light. Don’t compromise on the design of your business card. Therefore, try to skip business card design free services. Instead, spend time perfecting your design and locating a talented designer to make your concept a reality.

    If you want a great business card, look for a professional designer that can develop the ideal card for you. Then, once you’ve discovered the proper agency, attempt to express precisely what your company is all about, as well as the style and mood you want, so your designer can make your vision a reality.

    If you are looking for an agency that provides business card design online services with the right style and experience, look no more, you have found it. The Wise Advertisement agency uses the latest business card design templates and business card design software to make the most spectacular business card that you and your brand deserve.

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