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The invention of the video has brought more visuality into our life. This has been applied to businesses also where they use visual advertising solutions to promote their products. Imagine you are driving in a car and looking for a specific product to purchase. While looking around, what would be the best to attract your attention? The answer would be advertising signs because of giving you the required information about the business in a short time. The new generation of advertising signs are using LED technology which provides the most efficient way of advertising due to low power technology and eye catching style. We offer solutions in three main categories “Advertising LED Displays”, “LED Signs” and “Handwriting LED Message Board”. These solutions are explained in this page.

Advertising LED display

One of the best ways to convey messages of a business to the public is using Advertising LED Displays because of the ability to show multiple texts, images, videos and animations. These features promote the message you want much more visible. We produce advertising LED displays in any sizes including both full color and single color screens. We also provide a free consultation for your business to find the best size of the display and the place to install it.

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  • Main features:

    Very competitive pricing in the market
    Providing displays for both indoor and outdoor in customizable sizes
    Waterproof module with super bright SMD technology LED
    Aluminum and steel frames with thickness of 3 to 5 inches
    Supporting advanced controller able to show any texts, images and videos
    Best view from 15 ft to 400 ft
    Low power consumption and environmental friendly
    Easy to carry and install

  • Technical info

    Two different models: 10000 pixels / 1 square meter or 40000 pixels / 1 square meter
    110/ 220v AC Input voltage
    0 to 95% humidity tolerant
    -31 to 149 ℉ operating temperature
    support a wide range of text fonts (more than 200) with adjustability
    Real time clock and date
    Life span 100,000 hours

LED signs

These sins are used to show only one word constantly. These words are including, but not limited to “OPEN”, “Coffee” and “NAIL”. We provide free consultation to find out the most efficient way of advertising for your business.

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  • Main features:

    Ultra bright oval LEDs, eye-catching and colorful (Red, White, Blue, Orange)
    Lightweight (~1 lb)
    Flashing light mode
    Low power consumption. Saves costs and energy significantly.
    Compared to the similar neon product, has lower energy consumption
    Easy to use by just plug and play
    Size 18.9″ x 9.84″
    UL Standard
    Perfect option for any type of store, restaurant, coffee shops [sta_anchor and …

Handwriting LED Message Board

One of the old ways to show the specialty of a business was chuck boards. These chuck boards are becoming out of orders do the low efficiency, hard to use and health daner. The combination of LED technology and fluorescent markers has made the handwriting LED Message Boards. 

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  • Main features:

    Eye-catching acrylic surface to show new topics and specialties
    Having various colorful effect with 256 different colors
    Multi-Colored Oval LED with 90 flashing modes using SMD 5050 RGB LEDs
    Comes with remote control for the flashing modes
    Owned RoHS, FCC and CE certifications to prove the quality and durability
    Easy to write on or wipe off because of the acrylic surface
    lightweight, portable and low power consumption
    Can be placed horizontally/vertically
    Best for restaurant special menu, daily events, promotions and …

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